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The Hanse Law School (abbr.: HLS) is a joint project of the Universities in Bremen and Oldenburg, closely cooperating with the University of Groningen / Netherlands and soon with the University of Le Havre in France.

The main underlying idea is to pursue the European way of law. By our Bachelor’s and consecutive Master’s degree we offer a law programme focusing on a European legal perspective and the European labour market – which sets our programme apart from the conventional (national) legal studies. The programmes’ central programmatic concept is the bottom-up approach to comparative law: Europe is understood as a composition of mutual communication rather than a common market with unified law. This is why we teach European Law from the first semester on and way more extensively than in a conventional legal programme.

Many other lectures on national law are taught along with the states exam which is also why the academic level and standard of both programmes are entirely the same.

Our Alumni are apt for the European and international labour market and companies with international ties. Moreover, the LL.B. and LL.M. degrees offer an indirect path to acquire the first states exam later on and follow a career in the German public service thereinafter – the students are thus free to choose their preference.

Prof. Dr. C. Schmid and Prof. Dr. C. Godt

Programme managers


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